Friday, August 23, 2019

Friday Freebie Tip of the Day

Hi everyone!

So if you visited last night you remember I said I would have a tip for those extra cling stickers.

What you want to do is cut out the pieces that are larger and put them aside.

Then set some time aside with your clear mount stamps.

Take a piece and match it up to a stamp.

Next take the backing off the sticker and adhere the stamp to the sticker.

Next you are going to trim around the stamp.

Yes I know I have a different stamp in this I did two at the same time 😁

After you have trimmed down the sticker just peel the paper backing off and have a cling stamp!

I hope you enjoyed this Friday Freebie Tip. Come back next week for another Friday Freebie Tip of the Day. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 22, 2019

~Don't Forget To Assemble Those Stamps~

Have you ever placed that perfect stamp order and gotten in all those awesome stamps and then went to grab one to use and realized they are not assembled. That was me just the other day and I thought to myself....I can not be the only one who has done this and with Stampin' Up! providing these new cling stamps it is the perfect time to share how to assemble the stamps and what to do with the leftovers.

So here we go step by step.....

Step one....Get you stamp set!

Next you open your stamp case and take get your stamps and stickers ready.

Next you will remove the paper backing off the stamp as shown below.

Next you have a couple of options to add the cling stickers to the back of your stamps but I find it easiest to peel the backing off the sticker on the sheet and bring the stamp to the sheet.

Next you peel back your stamp from the sticker paper backing.

Now that you have the stamp assembled you are ready to go.

I like to do all my stamps at once and then add them to the case as seen below.

Note: The cling will be super sticky to ahead to the clear block so I usually dab it once or twice on my top or pants to help get a bit off. However, no matter what you do I do encourage the purchase of the Take Your Pick tool, item #144107, in my store. This tool has a little spatula on one end and will help you to release the stamp off the clear block much easier. I will be showing how to do this in my Quick Tip Thursday next week so I hope you will visit again next week.

P.S. Come back tomorrow night for my Freebie Friday tip on what to do with the leftover sticker part of the cling sheet. 😉

Monday, August 5, 2019

~Hitting the Refresh Button~

Hi everyone!

It has been a little while since I have last posted or gotten to enjoy creating, but there has been SO much going on! Without providing a lengthy dissertation of everything that has changed in these past several months, I am going to start new and hit the refresh button. I find sometimes it is best to hit refresh and move forward. Your inspiration and creativity has a better chance of evolving when you allow the present to move you forward.

I am working to include some new projects, FREE techniques and tutorials, and some fun new products I am enjoying using over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for this month's them: EVERYTHING OCEAN!

Of course it only makes sense, since I live in a beach town, and I am just 10 short minutes from the beach, that this would be my theme to end the summer with. Stay tuned as the creativity evolves. 

Happy Stamping!

Thursday, May 2, 2019

It's A GREAT Time to Celebrate!!!

Happy Birthday Everyone!!!

Okay, maybe it is not your birthday today but I hope everyone has been having a good year with positive vibes. As some changes are underway for my newsletter and rebranding of my website, I wanted to make sure I shared all the fun that is coming with the NEW 2019-2020 Stampin' Up! Annual catalog!!!!

For starters, the first new series I am personally running is my NEW Birthday Club!  It is so simple to join and requires no obligation what so ever except emailing me at with your name, address, and birthday. (Don't worry you do not have to share the year if you don't want to).😊

The following is what you get from joining my birthday club:

* Special Birthday Card
* A special goodie bag exclusively from me
* $10 coupon good towards your order on your birthday
(Must be used on your birthday with your purchase)

Next you have the option to join my:

You will make 8 cards each month

4 different cards/2 of each & 
envelopes are included 

NOTE: If you join for 6 months, I will give you two free stamp sets 

at the end of your 6 months. 

(Host exclusive stamp sets) 

Cost: $25

This is a recurring monthly club and charged through Paypal! You can cancel at anytime. S/H is an extra $8.00 and includes all the cardstock & embellishment supplies to make your 8 cards (4 different designs/2 of each), and a goody bag with $15-$20 in product each month! 
I will also give you a chance each month to purchase the stamp sets and ink pads that we will be using on the cards, or you may use your own stamp sets and ink that you have on hand. Every six months we will use two different stamp sets. Remember if you join for 6 months, you will get to choose TWO free Exclusive Host sets. I hope you will consider joining the fun of one or both.

Stay tuned for even more creative fun and a new series that will having you giving back towards great causes. Contact me with any questions about the above to clubs. Have a great day!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

ENVELOPE PUNCH BOARD------Bags, Bows and Cards Oh My!

Hi everyone! As promised I wanted to share the beautiful fun projects created on my Facebook LIVE with the Envelope Punch Board last week. If you missed this don't worry, all the instructions will be listed right here so you know how to make the cute projects. 

The Envelope Punch Board tool is so great for all your envelope needs, but it can really come in handy for creating some fun bags, boxes, and even adorable bows.  I hope you enjoy these fun projects and come back next week for another fun project tutorial.

Bow Instructions:
1) You will need a 1" x 12" and 1/4" x 12" piece of designer series paper(DSP) or cardstock of your choice. For these projects, I choose the Animal Expedition DSP and FREE Sale-a-Bration Botanical Butterfly DSP. (You may grab this DSP with a $50 purchase as your FREE item).
2) Take your 1"x12" piece of DSP and cut it down to a 1x7" and 1x4" piece. This will leave a very tiny square you may use on another project or discard if you do not keep leftovers. 
3) Next take the 1/4x12" piece of DSP and trim this down to 2x1/4"
4) Next you will need your Envelope Punch Board. Take your 1x7" piece and punch all four corners by lining up the end of your piece of DSP right down the middle of the punch. Then center this piece so you may punch both sides right in the middle at 3 1/2". This will give you a flat looking long bow.
5) Next take your 1x4" piece and take the short side and line it up in between the 4 and 5" measurement on your envelope punch board and make a mark in the center as a guide. Do this on both ends.
6) Next center the 1x4" piece of DSP and punch in the center on both sides again in the middle at 1 1/2"
7) Lastly, punch the tails out by lining up the 1" side with the guide line you made in the center of the punch to create the tail by punching here.
8) You will now grab your scoring tool from your envelope punch board and curl the loops of the bow. 
9) Now take your glue dots and create the bow loops on the long piece by bringing the loops in towards the center of the bow.  Adhere down and now add this piece to the tail piece with another glue dot.
10) For the final piece, take your 1/4x2" piece and loop this over the center adhering to the back of the bow with a glue dot in the center of the back of the bow. Tear off the excess. Congratulations, your bow is done.

Bag Instructions:
1) Start with a 12 x 12" piece of DSP of your choice. 
2) Take your envelope punch board and punch and score at 1 1/2" only down the end of the board. Do not let the score fall off the board or you could tear the paper.
3) Next turn the paper to your left and punch and score at the 3" mark.
4) Continue again with the paper turning the your left and score and punch at the 1 1/2" and then again turn the paper and do the 3" score and punch. 
5) Now flip over the paper and do the other side the exact same way. This will allow you to connect your score lines. 
6) Next you want to take your corner notch pieces at the 1 1/2" and 3" notches and score the flaps at all four corners so the notches connect and a flap forms.
7) Now you will fold on all the score lines.
8) Next you will take and cut right on the long score lines of the 3" flap side to the first center score line. 
9) Now flip the paper to the 1 1/2" flap side. You want to make sure you do not cut right up against the score line on this side but about a 1/2" away from the score line which is about the distance to the notch.
10) Next take some adhesive of your choice, Tear and Tape is recommended but you may also use snail adhesive, and add it on the side flaps you just cut.
11) Next begin to assemble your bag by bringing the flap side to the non-flap sides and adhere them down.
12) fold the two side flaps down inside the box and take the front flap of the box and glue dot it down.
13) Add your gift or treats and take the back flap and adhere that to the front allowing a hint of color from the front flap to line the top flap.
14) Add your bow with glue dots and you are all ready to give your gift.

1) Start with a 3x6" piece of whisper white cardstock and fold it in half.
2) take a piece of scrap whisper white cardstock and layer snail in a square shape on the cardstock.
3) Take the leftover piece of 1/4x12" piece of DSP and begin to line it longwise across the adhesive creating a mat on top of the adhesive. Use part of the wing cuts extras to fill the square.
4) Next use your butterfly punch to punch out a couple butterflies.
5) Take a sentiment from the Butterfly Gala stamp set and stamp this in what coordinating ink you would like.
6) Crease your butterflies down the middle and adhere them with a mini glue dot.
7) You may use either the antennas from the stamp set or use a writing marker to add them as seen in the picture.

As always if you have any question please do not hesitate to ask. Happy creating!!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Mr. & Mrs. Claus Treat Holders

Hi Everyone!

Sorry this is a tad bit late but what can I definitely happened last week and this weekend has been a bit of a rough one.  However, I am back on track and I wanted to make sure I shared the fun information on items I used to create these adorable treat holders on my Facebook Live the other night.

Before I do that, I also wanted to share if you are not following my on Facebook yet, definitely pop over to my Facebook Designs by Jennifer Lynn page so you do not miss out over the next ten days.

December 1st, I started my 12 Days of Christmas Series.  Each day has a fun tip, idea, or project that is shared each day.

Now for the items needed for these fun, adorable treat holders:

Product List
Remember if you would like the instructions pop over to my Facebook page and you can catch them there. If you are not on Facebook, feel free to drop down a comment and I would be happy to send them directly to you.  Happy Stamping!