Tuesday, October 15, 2013

~Halloween Wreath Tutorial~

Hey everyone.....

The following is a tutorial to help you create these great paper wreaths that have become so popular.

 We are going to start with the supplies you need.......
Wreath (Straw or Styrofoam)
Bone Folder
6- 12 x 12 Witches Brew Designer Series Paper
Halloween Banner Simply Created Accessory Kit
1 package of straight pins
Paper Cutter
Next you are going to cut all 6 sheets into 1/2' strips.  Once you have them all cut you are going to use your bone folder to curl your paper like you were curling ribbon.  Suggestion:  Curl only a hand full of strips at a time so if you have more then needed you will not have curled paper that you have to work with but 1/2' strips that can used for borders for scrapbook pages or cards.

This is what the curls will look like:

Now you will use a straight pin for each piece and put it in the center of the curl and attach it to your wreath.....it will start to look like this....
With my wreath being a straw wreath I left the plastic on which kept any lose straw from sticking out.  As you continue working your way around your wreath you will notice it will become more full as seen here:

You will continue this process all the way around the wreath until it looks like this:
You want to remember to continue to add curls until you get the desired fullness you are looking for.  Once you have completed this step you are ready to create your banner for the front.

Be creative with this step, as the kit has many different options to choose from.  Once you have completed your banner you will attach it and the end result will look something like this:

TADA!!  You now have a cute wreath to share in your home or give to someone as a gift.  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  Even though this has been offered as a FREE tutorial, please remember all photos and instructions are copyrighted to Beachside Stampers and should not be re-posted without approval. Thanks for you cooperation and thanks for your business.

Keep a look out for my Snowflake wreath which will be posting very soon!  Have a great day!

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