Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Night 12: 13 Nights of Halloween Series -Stampin' Up! Style

Hey everyone!  We are just one night away from the end of our series.  I wanted to show you just how easy it is to take all the great projects we have journeyed through over the past 12 nights and show you how easy it is to create home décor pieces.

This is an old artist tray that Stampin' Up! offered a few years back.  I love the versatility and the fact that I can create any theme with it. You can truly do so much with frames, artist trays, and just about any type of home décor piece with Stampin' Up! supplies.

I have attached a list of the products that I used to create this fun piece of home décor for some spooky fun. Below this list, I also shared a great idea that just so happened to come out in my Stampin' Up! Tuesday updates this morning. Scroll past the product list to see....

Product List
Here you can see how a simple frame became the perfect work of art tabletop décor to help spook our trick or treaters. One more night to go, with one more project and a special treat over on my Facebook Group Page.  See you all tomorrow my dear mortal friends.....A little Haunted Mansion Disney fun....;-)


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