Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Night 13: 13 Nights of Halloween Series -Coffin of Treats

Hey everyone.....

Tonight's last project for our 13 Nights of Halloween series, is a special treat holder that would be great for grandkids, your kids, nieces, nephews, or anyone you would like to give a few treSeries, Introducing the Coffin of Treats.

This cute little treat holder can hold quite a few treats or even a small little gift.
As you can see it is fairly deep, giving lots of room for those special treats and gifts you would like to give.

The following are the easy to follow instructions and a product list below that so you know just what you need to create this fun project.

Coffin of Treats Instructions
1) Cut out two houses using the Home Sweet Home Framelits in crumbcake cardstock, or you can choose a wood pattern from the fun wood texture paper pack if you are looking for using current product for this same look.
2) If you are stamping, you will also cut two small strips of crumbcake cardstock the lenght of the short end of the little house.
3) You will then take Basic Gray ink and the Hardwood background stamp and stamp both the fronts of the houses. These will create a more spooky feel to the Coffin.
4) You will then trim off one of the flaps on the bottom of the house of the top piece that creates the open door of the Coffin.
5) You then add some fast fuse or strong adhesive to all the tabs except the two that will be closing the door on the top.
6) Next you add the two strips (and yes add some woodgrain to both those pieces as well). Glue dots work best for this or multipurpose glue. Also, make sure you tilt the wood planks a bit when you add them.
7) Once you have this all together you can add some enamel shapes to accent the front of the coffin.
8) The last piece is to stamp a cute ghost using the Sweet Home stamp set in black ink.
Make sure add lots of goodies for those special people you are giving treats too.

Product List
Thanks so much for visiting tonight. I hope you enjoyed the variety of projects and will join me again soon. Wishing everyone a safe and spooky Halloween. Have a great evening!


  1. Halloween is a very festive season for kids. Getting a coffin of treat is indeed a treat. A surprise you open a coffin and find unlimited candies. I love Halloween for its beautiful witches and for its candies.

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