Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Frosty Fair 2017 -Stampin' Up! Style

Hi everyone! It was definitely a great work day. This was the second year Designs by Jennifer Lynn attended the Frosty Fair, sponsored by Colchester Fire Department Auxiliary. They do such a great job. They provided help unloading, two coupons for free donuts and coffee, and had cadets coming around to get lunch for each vendor.

Here are a few photos of my table space.
I truly kept it simple. I have learned from past fairs, simple is best.
Advent Calendar Trees were a definite hot item. There was only one left when all was said and done. I offered an exclusive show price and truly wish I had more to offer.
My calendar easels and Peppermint Sugar Scrubs were also very popular.
Another hot seller was my tea bag treats. I am already in need of making more.
Card sets were a bit slow however.....
Single card sales were amazing!!!! 10/$10 was the show special and it was battle for the favorites.
Tootsie the Turkey was another hot item as she was selling her Turkey Toes.
Snowflake soap was not as hot is an item but they thought the pizza boxes were adorable.
Both of these fun treats, notepad stacks and foot soak test tube treats also did well.
When all was said and done, it was the best fair for Designs by Jennifer Lynn. Next event is not until December. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wow this just gave me goosebumps i cant believe this year has just ended and Christmas is now here. Theses designs are pretty cute as well. Big up Jenny, you are doing a good job

    1. Thanks so much. I am looking forward to a great year ahead. All the best to you as well. 😉