Thursday, August 22, 2019

~Don't Forget To Assemble Those Stamps~

Have you ever placed that perfect stamp order and gotten in all those awesome stamps and then went to grab one to use and realized they are not assembled. That was me just the other day and I thought to myself....I can not be the only one who has done this and with Stampin' Up! providing these new cling stamps it is the perfect time to share how to assemble the stamps and what to do with the leftovers.

So here we go step by step.....

Step one....Get you stamp set!

Next you open your stamp case and take get your stamps and stickers ready.

Next you will remove the paper backing off the stamp as shown below.

Next you have a couple of options to add the cling stickers to the back of your stamps but I find it easiest to peel the backing off the sticker on the sheet and bring the stamp to the sheet.

Next you peel back your stamp from the sticker paper backing.

Now that you have the stamp assembled you are ready to go.

I like to do all my stamps at once and then add them to the case as seen below.

Note: The cling will be super sticky to ahead to the clear block so I usually dab it once or twice on my top or pants to help get a bit off. However, no matter what you do I do encourage the purchase of the Take Your Pick tool, item #144107, in my store. This tool has a little spatula on one end and will help you to release the stamp off the clear block much easier. I will be showing how to do this in my Quick Tip Thursday next week so I hope you will visit again next week.

P.S. Come back tomorrow night for my Freebie Friday tip on what to do with the leftover sticker part of the cling sheet. 😉

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