Friday, August 23, 2019

Friday Freebie Tip of the Day

Hi everyone!

So if you visited last night you remember I said I would have a tip for those extra cling stickers.

What you want to do is cut out the pieces that are larger and put them aside.

Then set some time aside with your clear mount stamps.

Take a piece and match it up to a stamp.

Next take the backing off the sticker and adhere the stamp to the sticker.

Next you are going to trim around the stamp.

Yes I know I have a different stamp in this I did two at the same time 😁

After you have trimmed down the sticker just peel the paper backing off and have a cling stamp!

I hope you enjoyed this Friday Freebie Tip. Come back next week for another Friday Freebie Tip of the Day. Have a great weekend!

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